Weekend Lunch with Grilled Sea Bass (New Recipe)


Sea Bass – 500g

Onion -1 (Chop in to small pieces)

Tomato – 1 (small)

Red Chilli – 5

Ginger-Garlic-Green Chilli paste – 2 Tablespoon

Fenugreek seeds- 1 Tablespoon

Turmeric powder -1 teaspoon

Coconut Oil – 2 Tablespoon

Vinegar – 2 Tablespoon

Lemon – 1

Salt to taste


Heat coconut oil in a pan and saute fenugreek seeds, onion and tomato.

Once it is done allow it to cool and make a fine paste .

Marinate Sea bass with this paste, vinegar, turmeric powder, ginger-garlic-green chilli paste and add salt to taste.

Keep the fish refrigerated for 6-12 hours.


Put sliced lemon on it as in the picture and transfer into the preheated oven.

Garnish with your favorite leaves.

Enjoy 👍

Happy Cooking 😍

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