Happy Teacher’s Day….

In this post ,I would like to write about ‘my teachers’ who inspired me a lot or rather who showed me how wonderful is being a teacher.All the teachers are good only ,I wanted to mention them all,which I am definitely gonna do in my later blogs;but here as its a teacher’s day special blog,I am mentioning those special ones who really become an inspiration for me or left a hand-print of them in my heart and thoughts.

From KG to seventh grade,there is no one to mention specially about.All were good and positive kind only.Then in high-school one Malayalam teacher- Sathyan sir who taught us through fun and narrate stories by connecting to real life.

One Math teacher-Antony sir who makes us realize how simple and interesting Math subject could be which is still a nightmare for many .May be it is his deep imprint of his teaching pattern in me,whoever I helped with Math always complimented me,its really easy to learn Maths with me.I am explaining every problem and solution very lightly.

In my plus-two years, came one English teacher(Sudha teacher).I am a person who never enjoyed learning of English.I always learned it for the sake of exams.Sudha teacher was not very soft and sweet kind.But in teaching she was soft.She wanted us to carry pencil each time we open our book and mark each word whose meaning is unknown to us,whether its a simple word or a big word,she never judged and used to give us meaning without any dithering.She used to describe poems very beautifully and take dictations for us like primary kids so that we were left with no choice other than following the language properly day by day.Thats how I started to like English first time in my whole life.

Same like my Math teacher(Geetha teacher) she used to come to each and every student separately to check whether all got the concept properly or got stuck somewhere .Fairly I would like to say they really put extra effort to reach out to each students or all are being learned and make sure no one is left out.

In my B.Tech life one Math teacher was there,who taught us importance of many silly things that we ignore in our daily life.Even though he was a Math teacher ,he always tried to develop moral values , social commitment in us and taught us importance of disciplined life.

All the teachers are good and blessed only in my eyes.They really got god’s bliss over them, that’s why they are able to enlight students with abundance of knowledge in their life

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