Simmi Ma’am

In this blog,I would like to mention about certain other teachers ,who never really taught you,yet again they are never less important in life as a teacher. Of course! I am trying to remember son”s teacher who were never less than a second mother for him in the school.Teachers are the second mother especially in KG.

Why I specially mentioned KG is when you send your child for the first time to school after all those years of affection and pampering, all mother would be in such an emotional dilemma thinking how they will be treated in the school by their teachers and how our child will cop up with the new environment without us for their protection out of our hand for the first time.In those situations certain teachers would make us feel like you have met an angel in the real life.Whats my thought is we will feel more gratitude towards those teachers who take responsibility of our child as their own.My son’s teacher Simmi Ma’am is one that kinda angel for me.

As you can guess Simmi Ma’am is his all time favorite yet so far in his school journey. When he started KG-2 my child started to talk more positively about his class and School.And used to tell me my teacher call me ‘Darling’,’chakkaree’ and all.When I asked about this to that Ma’am once,she told me that’s how I address my children.My students are no less than my kids.Once she suggested some ayurvedic medicines for my child and saying that her kids got best result after using all those medicines.

Every other teachers and parents have only good things to talk about her simple teaching method , caring nature and especially about her patience.

By the end of my son’s KG-2,Simmi Ma’am shifted from Doha to India and before that we could meet up at school for a little chat.She talked me a lot about my son.With a grateful heart heart and tearful eyes I can say that no one ever knew or understood my child other than me like her .

16 thoughts on “Simmi Ma’am

  1. മലയാളത്തിൽ എഴുതിയാലെ അതിനൊരു ജീവനുള്ളു,, മലയാളത്തിൽ ആകാൻ ശ്രമിക്കുക

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  2. I don’t know if I deserve the title of an ‘angel’, but I’m truly touched beyond words aami. For me my students are all my children, infact all children are my own. Thats because I love children, I love all. But here what makes you say all this reflects your character dear. Your love for all, your mind to see good in everyone. And I can see the same in my Eshaanu too.. As u are bringing him up……. If he has become this sharp and best, Thats because there’s an excellent personality in you and your upbringing dear. I am blessed to have taught Eshaan. No words to beat yours aami 🙏

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  3. Some teachers are able to connect to their students on a one to one basis children who get such teacher are blessed . Thanks for sharing . These days most of the parents spend time finding faults in teachers .

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  4. I am a school student and I also have many teachers that I think I won’t be able to forget ever. Teachers are like school parents.I am really glad to read a teacher’s post. Thanks for sharing 👍 😊 🙏🙏🌺

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  5. How wonderful your son had such a loving teacher. I taught various ages and in one Preschool I worked in I got in trouble by the administration for making a suggestion to a child’s parent. So perhaps in the US there are different rules than in your country. A teacher is such an important figure in a child’s life. My son had a few great teachers that helped him at important times in his life. He also had some that were unkind and certainly made a different impression and were hurtful.

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

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