BIIS Journey Begins…

Part 1- My first ad shoot …

I remember it was almost 6:30 in the evening on 6th of Feb 2021,heard my phone ringing…
Hello…good evening Ma’am
“Ameena,I know you will be busy this time”
No problem Ma’am…
“So, I will be straight to the point.We have an ad shoot tomorrow,it’s about our School.I’m asking you to join with us to represent the parents.Why I called you because you are the first parent who sent reviews”
First I was a bit confused thinking why ma’am calling me at this time, but when I heard the matter, I was jumping in the air .

Asha ma’am is the principal of my elder son Eshaan’s School.I got direct invitation from Ma’am for ad shoot.There was no limit for my elation

“Ma’am, I have an appointment tomorrow.I will come there at 1pm to pick Eshaan .Is it ok?
“Ameena, videographers will leave by 10 am so if possible you can come before 10”

Ok ma’am ,I will let you know
Ok Ameena..God bless you❤️

Asha ma’am always ends her call with god bless,which is very positive about her I feel…A soothing way of its own..
After the call I presented the matter to My husband .He also suggested it’s a good chance.
I called back ma’am and confirmed time .

I need to prepare for my first ad shoot in my life.Took paper and started writing.After a lots of cuts ,cross and edits my matter is finally ready.
To be honest I couldn’t sleep a wink that night.

Next day ,I reached on time and Asha ma’am received me pleasantly like every time.
There were some teachers and staff in the reception area .Ma’am hold me close and introduced me to them.

“This is Ameena ,Our school head Eshaan’s mom She came here for the video shoot .She is the first parent who sent reviews about our school.”

I started feeling very proud and they started to communicate ..hi ma’am ..hello ma’am..

“Ameena you can speak 30 seconds about BIIS, then I showed my writings to Ma’am .Wow! see this ,how beautifully this girl wrote about BIIS(Again proud moment)

Shooting started .I was totally scared .Took about 4-5 takes to get it done. When it’s done I went to Ma’am’s room . “Ameena ,well done 👍🏻 I heard your voice from here. You were confident .Presented it well .Thank you for joining with us “

There is something special about that day .It was my Eshaan’s 10th birthday …A very important and special day of my life and I got this opportunity because of my boy …
The love and respect I got on that day was simply amazing..

Thank you Asha ma’am for giving me this wonderful opportunity🙏🏻

(To be continued)


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