Math story – Shapes (Grade 1)

It is easy to connect Math with real life examples . But how will you explain the concept by telling a story?

Is it possible?

Yes !

This is what I tried in my class and I am sure my young learners will never forget things that they learned through stories

For this lesson(Shapes and Patterns) I introduced a small family with 5 members (rectangle,square,triangle,circle and oval). They were living in a house named Shapes that made of all the mathematical shapes.

One day, they were discussing about their body parts.

Rectangle has four sides and the opposite sides are equal.

Square has four sides same like rectangle but all the four sides are equal.

Triangle has 3 sides with angles.

Circle and Oval felt so sad because they don’t have sides and started to cry.

The elder one, Rectangle said “Hey ! Why are you crying? We are from same family. Be strong and enjoy our life”.

Same time Rectangle received a call from grade 1 class teacher and she asked rectangle to join the shapes family with her grade 1. A students as they were learning the basic concept of Shapes and Patterns.

Oval and Circle were happy and started to dance.

Next day morning, they went to Grade 1.A

“This door is same as my shape” Rectangle said .He knocked the door and Grade 1.A welcomed them with pleasure.

Smart board ,learning zone and walls are like me .Rectangle started talking.

“The cupboard is same like me” square said.

Triangle was running around the chairs and searched for its shape everywhere.“Yeah Yeah !I am here in Aatiqa’s tiffin box as a sandwich.Aysha’s eraser also same like me.”

Aidhen invited oval to his seat to show the oval shaped pouch.Then most of the students started to show the oval shaped pouches.

Circle climbed on the table as he couldn’t find any round shaped thing in the class. “Why you are not keeping anything like me? So sad “.

Cathylin stood up and and showed her Summer holiday assignment “Abacus” that kept in the cupboard. “Wow! So many pearls and balls here.”Circle was happy.

After the discussion the students and shapes danced together and they went to home.

Rectangle advised others not to worry about size or shape but be confident about their strength .

They lived happily ever after.


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