My first and best Teacher😍

In spite of being a teacher myself,though only for a while,who always try to be in touch and maintain a good support with my ex-students;I would like to write about another teacher who is one of the best of all those whom I know …

Yes ! My father

I am not writing about him because he is my father.He truly deserve that honor to be called so.Being a student of him by myself for two years in my childhood I can rightfully say that and most of his students who know of him will totally agree to me in this.Its from my father that I learn all about “How to be a good teacher “.

His teaching method was always simple and different.He was strict same time lenient also.He never believed in word to word kinda textbook teaching .Rather he always followed the pattern of kids engaged learning which include practical jokes and fun activities.So that all students were able to enjoy the class without getting bored.

He was very much active in extra-curricular activities like sports,arts,science fair etc.Without any hesitation he would happily accept all those extra works in sports and arts time in school and used to come home late night prior to those days after finishing duties.

He never miss a chance to inspire and motivate kids who lacks in those and try to boost their spirit,sometimes where whose parents itself don’t recognize their talents.Parents had immense faith in him as a teacher and there were parents who will say they will not their kids for a school trip only if he is there.Even after school many of his students would call him and still visit him in our home.

After School also he is busy with other social and cultural activities.Many people used to come to our home for help regarding many matters like filling forms ,preparing applications and he never disappointed anyone,who ever come for what so ever.He was always ready for all the physical and emotional support that other people seeks in their needs.we used to call our home as ” a small panchayath”

How much ever I write about him,It was never enough for me.Because My Father is my Hero and Inspiration.

But here i wanted to conclude by saying he was an inspiration to many other kids also by being a good teacher.


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